We Manufacture and Repair Cryogenic Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps and Seals For Liquified Gases

With Special features to ensure maximum efficiency
and long, trouble-free service

Three to Ten Times The Seal Life CRYO-MACH seals have proven to be the longest-lasting seals in the industry.
Dynamically Balanced Impellers Perfectly balanced for vibration-free high-speed service.  
Low NPSH Requirement; High Efficiency The advanced hydraulic design of CRYO-MACH impellers, inducers and casings sets new performance standards.  
Long-length Thermal-Separator Distance Pieces The extra length of these stainless steel separators prevents bearing freeze-ups; minimizes heat loss.  
Labyrinth Wear Rings Minimize recirculation losses of cryogenic liquids.  
Long-Life Bearings The combination of high-capacity bearings lubricated with special low-temperature grease ensures maximum bearing longevity. Moreover, CRYO-MACH's hydraulic design of pumps eliminates virtually all radial and axial loadings.  
Fast-Maintenance Design All CRYO-MACH pumps are engineered with customer maintenance in mind. No special tools are required and illustrated step-by-step service manuals are provided. Spare parts are always in stock, ready for immediate shipment.  

...Loading and unloading (trucks, trailers, tank cars)

...Transferring between vessels

...Filling liquid cylinders

...Plant recirculations

...Pipeline back-up installations

...Continuous duty process pumps




Our Services to You

  • Prompt assistance in determining the exact size and type of pump to best answer your specific need.
  • Manufacture and repair of pump shaft seals for all American-made centrifugal pumps. Manufacture of labyrinth seal pumps for continuous operation.
  • Manufacture of spare parts for almost all American-made centrifugal pumps.
  • Repair, overhaul and update all Cryogenic centrifugal pumps to meet the latest safety requirements.
  • Immediate delivery of spare parts from stock.
  • Centrifugal Pump Seminars for maintenance, operation and supervisory personnel, covering safety, proper operation and maitenance of all Cryogenic pumps.

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