We manufacture and repair cryogenic horizontal centrifugal
pumps and seals for liquefied gases

Peter Fritz


Peter Fritz, our founder, was born in Hungary and immigrated to the United States during World War II. Arriving here with little more than a MSME and sheer determination, he furthered his engineering knowledge at Drexel University. While working at Ingersoll Rand, Mr. Fritz expanded his centrifugal pump expertise under the guidance of pump luminary Alexey J. Stepanoff. He then moved to the west coast and became lead design engineer at a cryogenic pump company. After dealing with the frustrations of two layoffs and knowing it was time for a serious career shift, Mr. Fritz decided to forge his own path as a cryogenic pump and seal consultant.

His success in consulting lead to the development of ground-breaking cryogenic seal innovations and was quickly followed by equally innovative cryogenic pump designs. The rest, as they say, is history. Peter Fritz used his vast knowledge, experience and unwavering perseverance to boldly put his stamp on the world of cryogenics. His vision, integrity and standards of excellence laid the foundation of a company that continues to design, manufacture and repair cryogenic centrifugal pumps and seals to only the highest standards in the industry.

Peter Ungar

President & CEO

Peter Ungar started working part time at Cryogenic Machinery when he was only 15, assisting his step father, Peter Fritz, during the early years of the business. He learned the techniques of building and repairing cryogenic pumps as well as many other tasks from the ground up. Upon graduation and having always had a fascination with aircraft, Peter went to trade school and obtained his A&P (airframe and power plant) license. After a brief time working as an aircraft mechanic he decided he’d rather design them and pursed a higher degree.

Having achieved a BSME, Peter went to work for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company and diligently learned the high standards of the industry. After several years, his previous and newly acquired knowledge and skills were requested and put to the test at Cryogenic Machinery. During his second tenure, Peter meticulously studied the field of cryogenic centrifugal pump engineering, in addition to tackling sales and managerial tasks. In 2008, Peter rose to the positions of CEO and President, and has since worked hard to put together and maintain a highly skilled, trained and driven team. Mr. Ungar strives to uphold the mark of excellence set by Mr. Fritz and is determined to guide and ensure CRYO-MACH’s continued success as well as its evolution.

Company History

Cryogenic Machinery Corp. was founded in 1964, incorporated in 1969 and quickly became a notable player in the world-wide cryogenics industry. By adopting only the highest standards of engineering and manufacturing as well as assembly and inspection, CRYO-MACH has managed to stay competitive in an ever-changing market place.

Never one to rest on our laurels, we are committed to constantly striving to improve our products as well as our customer support. In fact, this attention to our customers’ specific needs in addition to excellence in other areas has given CRYO-MACH an edge against global rivals for nearly 50 years.

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Special Features


Three to Ten Times The Seal Life

CRYO-MACH seals have proven to be the longest-lasting seals in the industry.


Dynamically Balanced Impellers

Perfectly balanced for vibration-free high-speed service.


Low NPSH Requirement; High Efficiency

The advanced hydraulic design of CRYO-MACH impellers, inducers & casings sets new performance standards.


Long-length Thermal-Separator Distance Pieces

The extra length of these stainless steel separators prevents bearing freeze-ups; minimizes heat loss.


Labyrinth Wear Rings

Minimize recirculation losses of cryogenic liquids.


Long-Life Bearings

The combination of high-capacity bearings lubricated with special low-temperature grease ensures maximum bearing longevity. Moreover, CRYO-MACH’s hydraulic design of pumps eliminates virtually all radial and axial loadings.


Fast-Maintenance Design

All CRYO-MACH pumps are engineered with customer maintenance in mind. No special tools are required and illustrated step-by-step service manuals are provided. Spare parts are always in stock, ready for immediate shipment.

pump Uses

  • For loading and unloading (trucks, trailers, tank cars)
  • For transferring between vessels
  • For filling liquid cylinders
  • For plant recirculations
  • For pipeline back-up installations
  • For continuous duty process pumps
  • LNG

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